Any business, organisation or community could benefit from an app, whether it’s to keep your audience informed and connected, or to manage your team in-house, apps are an incredibly powerful addition to you. 

We believe that apps have seniority to websites – while websites serve their purpose and are expected as an online presence, apps take your marketing to another level and elevate your communication!

A native app is an app built with the native language of the device on which it will be installed. The app is fast, smooth and delivers outstanding user experience. The App Studios iOS and Android apps are 100% native.

A progressive web app operates within a browser. It combines the best of web concepts and mobile apps. GoodBarber generates Progressive Web Apps with Angular JS 4.0. On mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop, they offer a one-of-a-kind user experience.

Yes, all domain extensions are managed. You can assign a domain name to your PWA and your users will thus access it through the URL of your choice.

Yes, the native app as well as the PWA. Upon first launching the app, the content is cached, thus allowing later usage offline. The native app relies on iOS or Android’s certain features while the PWA relies on the service worker set up in the browser. PWAs work offline in all browsers except for Safari.

The management interface lets you edit the main html tags for your PWA. Each page also has its own URL and the GoodBarber engineers have designed the code in such a fashion, along with reducing the generation time so that the indexation by search engines is optimized.

Usually 1-2 months depending on the complexity of your app (ensuring your images, content and other elements are ready for input). It may take longer if you decide to explore other customisation possibilities we offer. Once complete and tested, we will then send your appto be published on the App Store and Google Playstore. This usually takes about 3 weeks.

Toggle For a Play Store publication, you can count on about 72 hours. The iOS version of your app is built and published by us, under your Apple developer account. In order to ensure that your project complies with the App Store guidelines, our teams run a thorough review of your app before getting started with the submission process. This step, which is mandatory before submitting to the App Store, requires human intervention. We are committed to carrying out this step within 72 business hours. Apple may take a couple of weeks to review your application and publish it in the App Store. Your PWA will be accessible from your domain name just a few hours after it’s been set up.

App Studios is the platform which allows you to create, organise and deliver your content to your audience: images, logo, audio files, text, you name it. You are the sole owner of the content created through our tool and will remain so.

Yes, our team works to ensure that your app operates seamlessly with each evolution of your phone’s operating system. On your end, you need only to make sure that you update your app with the latest version the App Studios platform.

Apps can have over a million users. The technical infrastructure of our platform is equipped to support a high amount of traffic. There is no limit to the number of users who can browse your app. Plus, each app is granted 50GB of storage, which is well above what is needed on average.

Get in touch with our team whenever you need to: You can also access our resource centre which includes lots of video tutorials.

The App Studios platform provides features that are plug and play, which means all you need to do is input your content into that feature. As such, we don’t develop custom features that require additional coding. This keeps costs down for our clients, while still providing a wonderful range of pre-coded features.

No, you don’t. Thanks to our management interface, you can create your PWA and native iOS & Android apps from one single tool.

There are several ways to make money from your app.

Advertising: You can display advertising within your content app, either through an external ad network or by using our internal ad server.

Subscriptions: you can monetise your content with our in-app purchase extension. It allows you to offer premium content reserved to members who purchased one of your subscription packages. You’re in total control and set up the subscription rules that fits your business best.

Paid app: You can also publish a paid app on the App Store and the Play Store. App Studios takes no commission on the revenue generated from your app.

Sell products: with our eCommerce solutions, you can sell your products online, locally or worldwide. Perfect for grocery stores, restaurants, retailers and much more, you’ll easily generate revenues thanks to several online payment options as well as offline options. We take no commission on the revenue generated from your app.

There are 3 costs involved in app building:

  1. Project build.
  2. Maintenance.
  3. Apple and Google store accounts.
  4. *Optional: if after you’re app is published you decide you’d like more features or to change something, one of our experts can assist you at an hourly rate or day rate.



This is a one-off fee that includes conceptualisation, design, build and getting your app onto the App Store and Google Playstore. Price varies depending on the complexity of your app. If you opt for our templated designs, the set-up cost is £1800. If you need a bespoke design arrange a call with us and we’ll provide a quote. 



This is a monthly flat fee that covers email ticketed support, app updates and backend coding. 

  • £75 p/month.



In order for your app to go live, you’ll need your own Apple Developer account and Google Console account. This ensures that copyrights always belong to you and that any revenue coming via the stores, arrives in your account. Once created, we will manage these for you.

The costs are:

  • Apple Developer account: $99 p/year
  • Google Console: $25 one-off