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Set up recurring subscriptions with in-app purchases


Offer free or premium content

Giving an option of free content to everyone and content reserved to specific user groups only.
Paid membership: By categorising your users into groups (“User Groups”) you can provide paid online courses with vide content, text and images, giving you an easy way to generate revenue from your app. Offer certain sections of your online courses for free and the opportunity to upgrade to a paid subscription for full access.

Keep the motivation going with push notifications

Targeted push notifications are the perfect tool to nudge users along and keep them engage. It also allows you to create a strategy for each user group.

"I just wanted to add my own voice to the congratulations you have already received. When I raised the subject of the Start Build Grow App with the Business Growth Coaches Network team, I realised how far we had come as a business and what a magnificent contribution you have made in professionalising our service. I must confess I felt emotional! I have been pushing out the app on the various platforms and the feedback has been great. It has become a go to (one stop shop) for the many Start Build Grow resources that we have created and I recall our earlier conversations about the many ideas and additions we could make going forward. Best of all we are now getting traction and take-up!"
Nigel Sandbrook
Director, Business Growth Coaches Network

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