Smooth online coaching.

Share knowledge with the most complete eLearning platform: a mobile app 

   1 click subscriptions (in-app purchases)

   Live courses

 Text, video and sound

 Learners’s comments

 Targeted push notifications

 Course planning and organization

Your courses on the App Store,
Google Play and the Web.

An experience 100% mobile for users


Your courses available anytime, anywhere

A mobile app offers the next-level accessibility to information. Your students can access your courses anywhere from their smartphones or tablets. During their commute, while on a break, anytime they’re ready to study. Convenience at its best.

The Mobile experience

A smooth and easy navigation, speed and offline access makes learning on mobile simple and more enjoyable. With the native iOS or Android apps, or the Progressive Web App aka a website behaving like an app, your content is perfectly adapted to your users devices and offers an optimised support for your students.

Premium / Free content

Set up recurring subscriptions with in-app purchases


Offer free or premium content

Giving an option of free content to everyone and content reserved to members only.
In-app purchases: An easy way to generate revenue from your app. Offer certain sections of your online courses for free and the opportunity to upgrade to a paid subscription for full access.

Keep the motivation going with push notifications

Nudge your users back to their lessons

Targeted push notifications

Push notifications are the perfect tool to nudge those users who haven’t kept up with their lessons and re-engage with them. It also allows you to create a strategy for each user group.